Sunday, July 12, 2009

The New Hero Honda Karizma

Heres a high res spy shot of the still-in-the-wings new HH Karizma. Taken 6 years for the reboot and heres what we get. Hope it delivers...really hoping we get around 250-300cc, an oil cooled engine and 21-25 bhp of pure fuel injected fun. See the pic and refer here.

The all new Karizma:

1. The all new fairing has got lots of air scoops all around. This ones just the under portion of the cowl.

2. Golden colored engine. looking really sweet.

3.All new race style footpegs with silvery underneaths.


5.Gas shock ups at the rear.

6. New sporty mudflap ala Hunk.

7. Split grab rails ala xtreme.

8.New rear tail lights and finally we get to see the indicators integrated.

9.Look real closely, it looks like a brand new speedometer as well with a chrome finish.

10.Watch closely, its an all new front supposedly, or looks like a softened curvy front. Also, the fairing looks slightly bigger and dominates the rear now.

11. Fairing mounted RVMs.

12. One more Air duct on the front.

13. Golden forks.

14. PGM-fi emblazoned on the fairing with oil cooled written on top.

15.Integrated clear indicators.

16.Now what do these look like? Are they speakers or are they vents for air conditioning?!

17.A GSXR styled headlamp design. Projectors anyone??