Friday, June 08, 2007

It was about 7'O clock in the evening, i was coming from my uncle's house on my Pulsar 150, zooming at the speed of 70km/hr. On my way to home I got a call from Ashwani (the guy with long hairs and smile), he told me that he is waiting for me at home and as soon as I reached home, we just started surfing the internet on computer, after exploring various videos on youtube for about 2 hours, suddenly Ashwani panicked that he had to drop , Ankur to Bus Stand and both of us ran to pick up Ankur.
Suddenly Ankur called up ashwani and told that he has already reached Bus Stand but he got Ashwani's Splendor punctured and he has left the bike on Road Side and left keys at Ashwani's home. By hearing this ashwani got so angry and then we went to bus stand and after seeing Ankur, we again headed towards the place where Ankur left the bike.

(The Victim 'Ashwani)

We reached the place, and we thanked god that bike was alright and nobody stole it and again we citicized ankur for puncturing the bike and above all this, we found no mechanic there at that time, so we planned to drag it and then i called up ankit and yatin to see if we can leave bike there for night and pick it up tomorow morning. Thanks to god ankit and yatin came to rescue us at 11'o clock in night. Finally we dragged the bike about 3 kms and left it at ankit's house.
Now me and ashwani we both we hungry as we didnt had the dinner as yet so we planned to head towards a very famous 'Dhaba' of our city, 'Ganesh Dhaba'. So, i zoomed my pulsar, we were cruising at the speed of 50 km/hr, it was such a exotic drive, yellow streetlights falling on road and clean roads added divine flavor to the ride. Thanks to our SONY W550i phone, we also enjoyed love music during the ride to Dhaba. We reached the dhaba at 12:15 in the night and then we had a lovely dinner, ashwani seemed a littile tensed ater dinner I guess he was preoccupied with the whole bike incident and some other stuff.

Again we started our ride back to home and as we reached home, we spent next three hours talking to each other looking at pictures of old school days, remembring our old school days. At quarter to 3 in morning, both of us felt carving for tea again we thought to head to the 'Railway Station' to have some tea and we were again on road with pulsar, we reached the railway station and had tea and we chatted alot about our life of school days, about love, relationships and girls perspective about love. As our teaa got finished again we head towards ashwani;s home and as we reached we home, we both were tired, so we just switched on AC and went to sleep.

That night I enjoyed alot, the whole night seemed like a roller coaster ride. But next morning it became a real bad roller coaster ride, as we took the bike to mechanic for fixing the puncture, and what we saw is that the tube got torned apart in two pieces and it all happened coz of a nail in the tyre and tis time, ashwani's temper just went up and broke the thermometer and immediately called up ankur and fired him with lots of shit stuff and non-veg 'galis', and told ankur that he wont give ankur his bike ever again.

(The torned tube)

This is how the night ended...............................